Harry Potter Houses

For those of you who don’t know the Hogwarts houses (what are you doing with you’re life?) there are four, Gryfindor, Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Gryfindors are brave like Harry Potter, Huffelpuffs are loyal and kind, Ravenclaws are intelligent and witty, and Slytherins are ambitious, power hungry, and almost always evil.

Now your thinking, Clara, what’s your house? Good question. The answer is I don’t entirely know. I consider myself a Ravenclaw. Intelligent? Witty? That’s me. But I took the test twice and the first time it sorted me into Huffelpuff (fun fact Sarah J. Maas is Huffelpuff) and the second time I was sorted into… Wait for it… SLYTHERIN! And guys we all know I’m not Slytherin. I mean I’m the opposite of Slytherin. So yeah my house story is complicated but for now I’m just gonna call myself Ravenclaw. I identify as a Ravenclaw! Comment your sorting story below.

✌Peace Out✌


P.S. My Ilvermorny house is Thunderbird. What’s yours?



Thoughts on Signings

(featuring Sarah J. Maas, Jay Kristoff, Amy Kaufman, Ryan Graudin, and Evelyn Skye)

In the recent past I have attended two book signings and panels. One (that was up posed to be with Casey but she got sick) with Sarah J. Maas in conversation with Evelyn Skye, and another with Ryan Grauding (the oauther of Wolf by Wolf), Jay Kristoff, and Amy Kaufman (the co-authors of Illuminae).

First lets talk about the ladder. IT WAS AMAZING. I totally loved both of their novels and in conversation together they were smart, witty, and hilarious. Also I won an ARC (advanced readers copy) of Gemina the sequel to Illuminae, out in September 2016, review coming soon. They talked about what Star Wars characters they would be, since it was almost Star Wars day, May the Fourth, Amy said she would be C3PO ven though she would love to be Rey, and Jay said be he would be Chewy because… Have you seen the guy? He’s like seven feet tall! Also they had Australian accents, which I love. Amy said Illuminae came to her in a dream (like Stephanie Meyer) but u like Meyers hers was an anxiety dream where she was do-wrįtïńg a book with Jay but she didn’t know what it was about for the entire dream.

The Sarah J. Maas signing was also great, but less so since Casey was sick. Evelyn Skye was a great moderator and it was unreal to see Sarah in person. She told us about herself in high school (she started Lord of the Rings club and had life size cardboard cutouts of the characters), she had a gossip blog that was practically her diary where she talked about her crush and her life but no one read it so it was okay. Until one day a girl came up to her and said, “Put a lock on your diary” and she realized that the whole school had gathered together every day to read it together. She was cool!

All in all I love bookish events and resolve to go to more in the future.


Cozy Reading Environment

How do you create the perfect reading nook? This question goes through all book lovers heads at one point or another. Lucky for you… We’re here to help!

Once you have determined where to read, this could be the couch, window seat, or your bed, and picked your book you need to take care of the food and drinks. Some people, such as myself, prefer not to eat when reading, however don’t  let this stop from having delicious hot coco. Warm drinks are usually best for cozy reading but if it’s hot outside your welcome to try some cool lemonade or a nice cold iced latte. I’m a huge fan of tea. I love chai and chamomile but my favorite kind is mint. If you want snacks try to go for something that won’t get your book dirty.

Time for music. Again, this is a preference you don’t have to listen to music while reading. It can sometimes be pretty distracting. If you decide to listen to music try something less exiting than the Hamilton soundtrack or Taylor Swift. Movie music is great, especially Miyazaki movies or Twilight. You can also try Pirates of the Carribean. Go for something without words.

Once you have your book, place, edibles, and music all you need is a nice blanket or sunny deckchair and you’re good to go! I hope these tips have been helpful and a post on book signing is soon to come!

-Clara the Capybara

A Study In Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

A Study in Charlotte is a Sherlock Holmes story about him and Watson’s descendants Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson. Watson has been sent off on a rugby scholarship to a small American boarding school in Connecticut, which is a little too close to his estranged father for his taste. Charlotte Holmes happens to be at the same school but she’s determined to have nothing to do with him. Until the murder of Lee Dobson brings them together and they have to defy history and their own pasts to work together to find the murderer who seams to be recreating the old Sherlock Holmes stories.

This book was very good. Four stars. I would recommend it to people. It was totally gonna be a five star book until 3/4 of the way in. It had likeable characters, interesting plot, I honestly had no idea where it was going which was nice, and amazing relationships between the characters especially the main two. The writing was okay. Not bad bad but it definitely wasn’t the best part of the book.

While reading this book I realized that in almost all portrayals of Sherlock Holmes (or in this case his decendants) he was a cold person who wasn’t very good at developing relationships with people and also brilliant. This theme wasn’t different in A Study in Charlotte.

There was let down around 3/4 in and it was right after a big event had happened and it just made me wonder what was happening. The plot was lulling and the characters, who were usually reliable through the rest of the book, we’re not just not being themselves. It made me doubt the plot and where the author was going.

It did have a mostly redeeming and shocking ending. I had no idea it was coming so that was great. Over all four stars. Quality book.



Book to movie adaptations is a huge concept that I can’t begin to cover in one post but I really wanna talk about them. You have amazing successful adaptations (TFIOS, The Hungar Games, Harry Potter) but then you have those terrible ones that are terrible, ALLEGIANT. Of coarse, you can’t forget about the good ones that flopped and we didn’t get the sequel we wanted, Vampire Academy and (kind of) City of Bones. Oh and there’s the TV shows, like The Mortal Instruments (AKA Shadowhunters), Pretty Little Liars, and Game of Thrones. I haven’t acctually watched or read the last two, but people like them. Shadowhunters, on the other hand, I have both watched and read that, and I didn’t love it as books or a TV show. I think most YA book to movie adaptions are actually really bad don’t do justice to the books. My theory is that is mainly due to the mindset, as universeofyabooks.wordpress.com said, of the director, thinking that it’s just a big chance to make money and often not taking in the true meaning of the book.

Vampire Academy, for example, a movie that I actually enjoyed watching and reading (though I don’t think either the books or the movie are particularly well written) was changed a lot when it was made into a movie. Basically the director decided to target the movie at an entirely different audience (stereotypical teenage girls) which is okay if they tried to keep the origin essence of the book, which they did a little bit but not really. The adds where neon pink and green and said “They Suck at School”. Basically the whole ad campaign was based on the idea that they where vampire royalty who where trained in fighting since kindergarten but they also had normal high school problems. Which I think is honestly pretty dumb and not at all what Richelle Mead had in mind when writing that series.

I feel like I don’t even need to say anything about Harry Potter. We all love both the books and the movies. They are probably the best adaptation I’ve ever watched or read. They perfectly capture the meaning to f the books. Of coarse we still have to deal with the issue of casting. The main three characters where exactly as I’d imagined them but that’s because I had already seen them in ads when I started reading that series. In fact the casting was pretty spot on. The only person who wasn’t perfect was Hagrid. I remember watching it for the first time in third grade and being so mad at how they cast Hagrid. But now, of coarse, I see Hagrid like that in my mind. I’m actually kind of mad that I don’t remember how I used to see him in my mind.

My main idea is that I don’t want Hollywood to stop making YA book to movie adaptations, I’m pretty exited for Ms. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children to come out and I’m extremely exited for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to come out in November! Also I have some books that I’d love to see movies of if their done right. But I just thought no people should know that every time and Allegiant type movie comes out it breaks thousands of people’s hearts. I just want Hollywood to take more consideration when adapting movies. I think the best adaptations are created when the author is consulted. So please, put more work into our adaptations in the future. Because those books are OURS just as much as they are the authors.

Cassandra Clare

I don’t have an opinion of Cassandra Clare as a person, as I do most authors. But, I have read the Mortal Instuments series, I have not read the Infernal Devices or Lady Midnight. I’m not really entitled to an opinion. My friend is reading Clockwork Angel, the first book TID series, for the first time and she says it’s a lot better than the TMI series, she’s only read the first three, I’ve read them all. I just felt like it didn’t have that extra thing that makes books like Throne of Glass and Fangirl so amazing. You know? For one none of the characters are relatable, like at all. Some of them are likeable (Isabelle) sure but not relatable. I don’t even like the main character, I honestly find her reckless and silly. Have you seen the show? I watched the first few episodes and didn’t like it very much but I have hope. I already spoiled myself for the Infernal Devices series for which I have no one to blame but ,myself, whatever. Should I keep going and read Clockwork Angel?

Ready Player One

imageClara likes, contemporary realistic fiction, I like sci-fi. This is part of the reason we make a good team. This post is about one of my favorite books, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.


This is about the boy Wade, also known as Parzival in the virtual reality called OASIS. It’s the year 2044, and the world is pretty much dead. There have been power outages and overpopulation. OASIS is a place where you can escape the harsh life of the real world. The man who created the game suddenly dies, and in his will, he leaves his fortune to whoever can find the easter egg he has hidden. The man who made the game was obsessed with the ’80’s and all the real egg hunters (gunters) know that many clues will be related to the games and movies of the 80′. Wade, along with hundreds of others, have memorized every bit of random trivia, and can master every arcade game imaginable. When Wade discovers the first key to unlocking the egg, a mass frenzy begins. People will buy, cheat, steal and kill their way to the billion dollar prize. It’s an amazing book, and I hung on to every word.


P.S. It is coming out as a movie in 2017