Book to movie adaptations is a huge concept that I can’t begin to cover in one post but I really wanna talk about them. You have amazing successful adaptations (TFIOS, The Hungar Games, Harry Potter) but then you have those terrible ones that are terrible, ALLEGIANT. Of coarse, you can’t forget about the good ones that flopped and we didn’t get the sequel we wanted, Vampire Academy and (kind of) City of Bones. Oh and there’s the TV shows, like The Mortal Instruments (AKA Shadowhunters), Pretty Little Liars, and Game of Thrones. I haven’t acctually watched or read the last two, but people like them. Shadowhunters, on the other hand, I have both watched and read that, and I didn’t love it as books or a TV show. I think most YA book to movie adaptions are actually really bad don’t do justice to the books. My theory is that is mainly due to the mindset, as said, of the director, thinking that it’s just a big chance to make money and often not taking in the true meaning of the book.

Vampire Academy, for example, a movie that I actually enjoyed watching and reading (though I don’t think either the books or the movie are particularly well written) was changed a lot when it was made into a movie. Basically the director decided to target the movie at an entirely different audience (stereotypical teenage girls) which is okay if they tried to keep the origin essence of the book, which they did a little bit but not really. The adds where neon pink and green and said “They Suck at School”. Basically the whole ad campaign was based on the idea that they where vampire royalty who where trained in fighting since kindergarten but they also had normal high school problems. Which I think is honestly pretty dumb and not at all what Richelle Mead had in mind when writing that series.

I feel like I don’t even need to say anything about Harry Potter. We all love both the books and the movies. They are probably the best adaptation I’ve ever watched or read. They perfectly capture the meaning to f the books. Of coarse we still have to deal with the issue of casting. The main three characters where exactly as I’d imagined them but that’s because I had already seen them in ads when I started reading that series. In fact the casting was pretty spot on. The only person who wasn’t perfect was Hagrid. I remember watching it for the first time in third grade and being so mad at how they cast Hagrid. But now, of coarse, I see Hagrid like that in my mind. I’m actually kind of mad that I don’t remember how I used to see him in my mind.

My main idea is that I don’t want Hollywood to stop making YA book to movie adaptations, I’m pretty exited for Ms. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children to come out and I’m extremely exited for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to come out in November! Also I have some books that I’d love to see movies of if their done right. But I just thought no people should know that every time and Allegiant type movie comes out it breaks thousands of people’s hearts. I just want Hollywood to take more consideration when adapting movies. I think the best adaptations are created when the author is consulted. So please, put more work into our adaptations in the future. Because those books are OURS just as much as they are the authors.