All the Feels with Jenny Han

Okay guys so you know how much I love Jenny Han right? SO MUCH! So I’m like 40 pages into Its Not Summer Without You the second book in the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy and it so freaking GOOD. Ussually it takes me around 40 pages to get into a book but with Jenny Han, never. I’ve just been reading for an hour but I feel like I’m already in the thick of the plot.

So as you may know, something really sad happens and someone (not naming names) dies. And as she describes this feeling both when it happens and two months after it happens it’s just so relatable despite the fact I’ve never known anyone who dies. Jenny Han just has the most magical writing and she just puts me in Bellys world and makes me feel ALL THE FEELS!


P.S. Who’s exited for Always and Forever Lara Jean???????? I’m counting down the days…

Harry Potter Houses

For those of you who don’t know the Hogwarts houses (what are you doing with you’re life?) there are four, Gryfindor, Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Gryfindors are brave like Harry Potter, Huffelpuffs are loyal and kind, Ravenclaws are intelligent and witty, and Slytherins are ambitious, power hungry, and almost always evil.

Now your thinking, Clara, what’s your house? Good question. The answer is I don’t entirely know. I consider myself a Ravenclaw. Intelligent? Witty? That’s me. But I took the test twice and the first time it sorted me into Huffelpuff (fun fact Sarah J. Maas is Huffelpuff) and the second time I was sorted into… Wait for it… SLYTHERIN! And guys we all know I’m not Slytherin. I mean I’m the opposite of Slytherin. So yeah my house story is complicated but for now I’m just gonna call myself Ravenclaw. I identify as a Ravenclaw! Comment your sorting story below.

✌Peace Out✌


P.S. My Ilvermorny house is Thunderbird. What’s yours?